About Beyond DNA

Beate Rothmund

You can starve yourself down with any diet, it's just keeping healthy that's the problem. Beyond DNA is the healthy & long term solution


I wanted to counteract the eternal frustration of living from diet to diet and suffering from weight fluctuations or the myths surrounding the perfect diet. After all, everyone is different and eats differently. Since each of us is unique, it should basically be no different when it comes to food.

The perfect diet is the holy grail of many sciences and the search is more difficult than some might imagine. Too many half-truths lead open-minded and interested people down rocky roads that cost a lot of time and money.

With personalized Beyond DNA analyses, this is a thing of the past! In combination with a relaxed eating pattern, amazing results can be achieved. We would like to support you in reaching your goals in the long term.


Many years ago, science was not yet as far advanced as it is today; DNA could not yet be decoded in this form. Just like our DNA, our bodies are unique and react differently to the intake of food, vitamins and minerals. A simple saliva sample gives you a fascinating look inside your body.

For decades diets have been propagated with claims that are no longer valid. This often resulted in disorientation and frustration! Now you can use nutrigenetics as a nutritional basis and have your unique, individual DNA nutrition plan created. Learn exactly which foods are healthy for your body or which will melt your unwanted waistline gold.

For me it was important to include the experience of the last years, the interesting conversations around the research to my book and the customer wishes. Every client should feel completely 360° cared for. Starting with a scientifically based Beyond DNA analysis as the basis of a personalized nutrition, beauty, weight loss, health to a personal follow-up conversation. If desired, personalized vitamins or serums can also be ordered. So that everyone can be addressed personally.

All evaluations are unique and are valid for life and do not have to be performed again and again at great expense. Genetics determines our eye color and height and also the influence on weight. Why not take advantage of this progress instead of torturing yourself with new trends over and over again. You will not only receive an accurate analysis of your genes and your predispositions, but also a guide to easily implement all this whether at home or in the office.


Sincerely yours,

Mag. Dipl. Beate Rothmund & the Beyond DNA-Team

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