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MY VITAMINS | Personalisierte Vitamine


Everyone is unique – which vitamins and trace elements are good for you is revealed by your DNA and your lifestyle!

Getting enough of the right vitamins and trace elements is very difficult with food alone – to be better supplied, many people resort to additional vitamin preparations and dietary supplements. But how do you know which vitamins or trace elements are good for your body and in which dosage?

At Beyond DNA, we analyze your individual needs based on your DNA or lifestyle and create the optimal vitamin-trace element mix for you. In addition, we add collagen, hyaluron, vitamin C, Q10 and omega 3 to improve the elasticity of your skin and maintain your youthful appearance.

Instead of over 23 different supplements, you will receive your personalized blend as a single daily dose and packaged in a 3-month box.

Consume only those vitamins and trace elements that your body needs!

Personalized instead of trend!

You are unique ...

What your body needs in vitamins and trace elements, no “one-fits-all” product can fulfill.


Make it easy on yourself and listen to yourself and your genes..

Which analysis fits you?


With us you have two options to have your need for vitamins and trace elements analyzed and you decide:

Based on your DNA or your lifestyle?


The quality of the vitamin mixture is independent of the method of analysis.

With MY VITAMINS by DNA we require a DNA sample. In addition to the analysis, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation of which of over 1,000 foods are good for you.

With MY VITAMINS by questionnaire we need your estimated information. The questions are based on nutritional science and complex processes, which we have summarized for you simple and quick to answer.

So regardless of the type of analysis, you benefit from the advantages! 


you just take the vitamins and trace elements you really need

you avoid overdosing on vitamins that could harm your body

you do not have to buy 23 different complexes, which would cost over € 420,- per month in corresponding quality

take the optimal amount only on a daily dose

you also receive the beauty active booster collagen, hyaluron, vitamin C, Q10 and omega 3

And here you are:

MY VITAMINS according to your genes

MY VITAMINS by questionnaire

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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