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How do your genes help you to counteract biological aging?

Aging, and especially aging of the skin, has a variety of causes. Certain environmental influences such as UV radiation and an undersupply of micronutrients play an important role. Nevertheless, there are people who seem to age faster or slower than others with the same lifestyle. The difference lies in the genes. MY BEAUTY – MY DNA.

The genetic structure of your skin is as unique as you are. Individual information is stored in the cells that tells us how fast our skin ages and what it needs more of. External influences and our lifestyle are significantly responsible for our skin appearance. However, we often cannot influence these. What we can do, however, is to provide our cells with an optimal supply of nutrients. Beyond DNA Beauty gene analysis reveals what your skin needs and in what doses.

By means of a simple saliva sample, we record the genetic condition of your cells and find out which program we can use to counteract the biological aging of your skin.

In addition, you can receive advice based on your evaluation or supplement your analysis with your beauty serums individually tailored for you.

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The process of Beauty according your genes is very simple. We will send you a starter kit to easily perform the saliva sample from home. After we receive your sample, it will be analyzed. Based on the results, we can determine the genetic condition of your skin and create customized strategies for you to combat aging.

For more information on DNA evaluation and the scientific basis, click here .

How genes influence our aging

Your genes determine which substances your skin needs and in what dose. They also reveal what causes increased wrinkling, inflammation or collagen breakdown in you now and in the future, and how to avoid oxidative stress. Selenium needs and our skin’s ability to retain moisture also varies from person to person. Knowing what makes our genes happy is the key to healthy, fresh-looking skin. That is beauty according to your genes.

An analysis that gets under the skin

A gene analysis will not only tell you what your skin needs, but in what doses. Collagen and Q10 can be applied topically or absorbed by our bodies through supplementation. Here, the right amount is crucial to achieve visible results. Only a DNA analysis can determine the genetic condition of your skin and derive the optimal beauty program for you. With simple steps you can prevent premature skin aging and keep your skin naturally young.

With Beyond DNA Beauty
  • you know the genetic condition of your skin
  • know what causes increased wrinkling now and in the future
  • get information about which gene variations influence skin aging
  • you will receive a beauty program individually tailored to you
  • the collagen and selenium requirements as well as the moisture retention of your skin will be determined
  • you will have the knowledge about the effect of Q10 and natural UV protection
  • increase the elasticity of your skin naturally
  • prevent inflammation and tissue damage
  • Optimize the biological aging of your skin

With Beyond DNA Beauty, you can naturally and easily achieve results that counteract skin aging.

What questions can this analysis answer?
  • What is the genetic condition of my skin?
  • The causes that cause increased wrinkling, oxidative stress, inflammatory reactions or faster collagen degradation in me now and in the future.
  • What do I need to do to increase tone and moisture retention and look naturally young?
  • How can I prevent inflammatory reactions and tissue damage?
  • What is my propensity for oxidative stress and my need for antioxidants?
  • Which beauty program suits my genetics?
  • How can I protect my skin from the inside against UV rays?
  • What should I avoid for the sake of my skin?
  • How do I provide my skin with optimal care?

In addition, you can order your personalized vitamins based on your DNA analysis. You will receive a composition of the exact amount of over 20 vitamins and minerals that will provide your skin with optimal care. Furthermore, you can have your personal day/night serum put together with the combination of active ingredients you need.

Science instead of beauty trends. Let your skin radiate from the inside out and counteract skin aging naturally.

Do not hesitate and order today.

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Analysis as PDF € 399,-, Analysis as book plus € 39,-

Scope of services


The price includes:
  • Analysis of the genetic condition of your skin
  • over 120 pages of report (PDF or book) to tailor according to your DNA to optimize your skin condition
  • Evaluation exactly according to your genes, what you should avoid.
  • Information on how gene variations influence skin aging, on collagen and the effect of Q10, as well as oxidative stress and individual selenium requirements
  • Prevention from inflammatory reactions and tissue damage.
  • Natural UV protection and moisture retention of your skin.
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