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Unlike other analyses, in which only one type (e.g. protein type) is determined, with Beyond DNA Weight you can additionally find out which of approx. 1,000 foods are optimal for your body e.g.: Pasta, Pizza, Muffin, Potato Salad, Wine and many more. So you are flexible in your choice every day. Instead of starvation, dieting and fear of gaining weight again, you get clarity on which foods, snacks and dishes will genetically lead you to your desired weight. Your first book about your own body with about 150 personalized pages with a lot of individual information to lose weight optimally and to keep the desired weight.


Eat personalized not less!

You get an exact overview of which foods your body metabolizes genetically well and which should be reduced. This transparency will save you from eating with a guilty conscience or struggling with the fear of repeated weight gain. Enjoyable eating should be one of the most enjoyable pastimes in the world, whether at home, with family and friends, or in a restaurant. With Beyond DNA Weight, you get the most comprehensive DNA analysis on your phone or as a book to personalize weight loss and enjoy food the right way.

Your analysis result could look like this.


Through a simple saliva sample, you’ll find out which foods genetically lead to weight loss and how to maintain your desired weight in the long run, without mortification and usually followed by food cravings.

For even faster results, you can additionally have your individual carbohydrate/fat blocker combination put together based on your analysis and receive personal advice.

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The process to lose weight according to your genes is very easy to perform from home. We send you a DNA analysis STARTER SET. You make the saliva sample and send it back to us. After we receive your sample, it is analyzed. We find out exactly which of over 1,000 foods genetically cause you to gain weight and which foods you can enjoy without a guilty conscience.

For more information on DNA evaluation and the scientific basis click here.


What to expect

While some stay slim with no problems, others always seem to struggle with weight. Just few know that genes are responsible for losing or gaining weight. Constant, often one-sided, dieting not only puts a strain on the body – but also on the psyche and diminishes one’s sense of well-being. After often pleasing weight loss, the unloved kilos come back again. Beyond DNA Weight Analysis can counteract this problem. With Beyond DNA Weight Analysis you will know which foods according to your genes to lose weight naturally.


With Beyond DNA WEIGHT
  • It’s easy to lose weight because you know which foods accord to your genes
  • You will eat personalized and not less
  • Enjoy more of the right foods instead of less of the wrong foods in the future
  • Reach your desired weight and maintain it in the long term
  • No more trial & error about which diet suits you best
  • Avoid food groups such as carbohydrates, sweets, spicy foods, if they do not have any negative effects on you.
  • You can easily adjust your eating habits without others noticing the change
  • Lose weight with ‘joie de vivre’

The only thing your environment will notice is your satisfaction with your body … and not your diet plan.


What questions can Beyond DNA Weight answer?
  • Which combination of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat & proteins) is optimal for me to lose weight?
  • How can I counteract the yoyo effect in the long term?
  • Which carbohydrates cause me to be overweight and which ones can I eat without a bad conscience, e.g.: Rice, potatoes, baguette, spelt, quinoa, muffins?
  • Do I have increased fat deposits around the organs, e.g. my liver?
  • Which fats should I avoid and which ones can I eat without hesitation?
  • What can I always eat when I am hungry or do not feel full without gaining weight?
  • Which snacks (also sweet and savory) can I always eat and still not gain weight?
  • Am I a strong hunger type or a weak satiety type?
  • How many times a day should I eat?
  • Do I need to exercise to lose weight?
  • Which of over 100 types of exercise are suitable and how many minutes are sufficient?
  • Which type of training, strength or endurance, is most effective for me?
  • How do I avoid losing muscle mass instead of fat?


In addition to BEYOND DNA WEIGHT

Based on your DNA analysis, you can additionally order your personalized Fat/Carbohydrate Blocker Beyond DNA MY BODY or your individual recipe book.
Science instead of diet trend! Make it easy on yourself and trust what your genes tell you.

Do not hesitate and order today.


Additional information


Analysis as PDF € 399,-, Analysis as Print plus € 39,-, Analysis & Cookbook (both as PDF) plus € 59,-, Analysis & Cookbook (both as Print) plus € 98,-

Scope of services



The price includes:
  • Analysis of the 8 relevant weight genes
  • Over 135 pages of report (PDF or book) to lose or maintain your weight tailored according to your DNA
  • Evaluation of over 1,000 foods that will cause you to gain weight or can be enjoyed worry-free
  • Easy-to-implement suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus
  • Over 25 snacks that are always allowed
  • A personalized sports plan based on your genetics
  • Over 100 indoor & outdoor sports


Added bonus
  • Individual discussion of your analysis (in person or via video phone call) at a preferential price
  • Individual fat-carbohydrate blocker combination based on your analysis at a preferential price
  • Individual Cookbook with exclusive recommendations


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