How does Beyond DNA work?

How does it work?

The test works very simply:

  1. select desired analysis
  2. STARTER SET will be sent to you
  3. take saliva sample comfortably at home
  4. send it back and that’s it!

After 2 – 4 weeks you will receive your unique evaluation directly as a PDF.

Beyond DNA Weight Additionales

BEYOND DNA provides a stress-free access to healthy nutrition, weight reduction, skincare or medical concerns. Boosts your vitality and drive simplifies your everyday life without complicated recipes or expensive, exotic ingredients. Saves money, time, enhances your well-being and ensures 360 degree personal all-round care if desired. I’m sure you still have questions, some of which we have hopefully answered in the FAQs below – if any question remains, please drop me a line at:


  • Anyone who has already tried countless diets and nutrition methods but has found it difficult to maintain the desired weight in the long term without mortification or cuts in the quality of life.
  • Anyone who wants to escape the nutrition and diet jungle and would like to have a personalized optimal diet.
  • Who takes medication and would like to know its actual genetic effect on the body.
  • Who has family history of diseases and wants clarity about an increased probability to carry these genes / gene variation in themselves or not. If there is an increased probability of carrying this variation, to take preventive measures in time.

While other companies only analyze genetic factors, you also receive epigenetic factors as well as individual predispositions with regard to nutrition, sports, preventive health care as well as skin health and we create individual recommendations (from 120 pages) for you. Which can be quickly and easily integrated into your everyday life. Our team of physicians, nutritionists, dieticians and I are available for you directly or 

A simple saliva sample gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily receive your unique Wunsch Beyond DNA analysis. With our free and fast shipping service, you will receive your starter box within one to two business days and can get started right away.

After you have returned the Starter Box to us, you will receive in 2-4 weeks, depending on sample quality /postage, not only a scientifically sound evaluation but also detailed explanations on how to conveniently and easily integrate everything into your daily routine.

And even more – after receiving your Beyond DNA Analysis evaluation, you are welcome to take advantage of support from our team. To get started successfully or in the longer term for support and motivation. Additional opportunities for your project.

Everything is allowed! Depending on the genetic variation, more of one and less of another food, e.g.: 100 grams of potatoes, 30 grams of chocolate, 50 grams of popcorn.

You will learn exactly what is healthy for your body and what you should rather avoid. The result is valid for your entire life

Beyond DNA is a healthy way to lose weight. It is the combination of healthy foods (green apple icons) and foods to lose weight (green weight icons).

Excited to start because you know exactly how your own metabolism ticks.

Trust the scientifically proven results that only affect your own body. Instead of one-fits-all diet.

You can choose from over 1,000 foods. With us everyone will find something whether vegan, vegetarian, or meat lover.

Many of my clients said: “Now I can eat more of the right foods than less of the wrong foods“.

There are over 20 snacks that you can always eat – completely free from a guilty conscience!

There is rapid weight loss success in the first few weeks and a concrete plan for maintaining the desired weight.

You can be vegan, vegetarian, meat lover or change every day.

It is often enough not only to be under its caloric deficit but on the genetic distribution of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat).

Your genetics is like your eye color that stays the same your whole life, so is your Beyond DNA results.

You will learn exactly which of over 100 sports is the most suitable for your body, that motivates!

You will learn exactly how many minutes you should exercise.

You will experience which type of sport is most fitting for you and if Cardio – or Weightlifting gets you to your Goal.