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Although the training plan is strictly defined, the sports units and rest periods are precisely adhered to, and attention is paid to conscious nutrition, the results are often not satisfactory. Your genes and their individual combination are the key to natural performance improvement. MY Body – My DNA.

The genetic structure of your muscle fibers is as individual as you are. Your gene combination controls the process in your body and has a significant impact on the strength and endurance performance of your muscle cells. While some people have cells that can deliver power quickly, others maintain constant power over a longer period of time. It is in our genes which sports are good for us and where we get the best results.

By taking a simple saliva sample, we can find out where your athletic talents lie, which strength-endurance combination works most efficiently for you, and which foods your genes peak at.

This is what your analysis result could look like. 


In addition, you can receive individual advice based on your evaluation or supplement your analysis with an optimal, personalized vitamin combination.

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The process Spot according to your genes is very simple. We will send you a starter kit to easily perform the saliva sample from home. After we receive your sample, it will be analyzed. We will find out exactly where your athletic talents lie and whether you achieve better results with strength training or endurance sports.

For more information on DNA evaluation and the scientific basis, click here.

Short and fast or long and sustained?

Whether you achieve goals easily or less easily during your sports sessions depends not only on the quality of your training plan. Your individual genetics will tell you whether your muscle fibers and cells react quickly and can generate high forces within a short period of time, or show their capabilities in endurance sports. While large and thick cells respond immediately to stimuli, smaller, slower cells are optimal for long-lasting forms of exercise due to their better blood flow. Only an analysis of your genes can tell which type you are and which combination will respond most effectively in you. That is sport according your genes.

For professionals a must, for you a pleasure

A gene analysis allows you to determine your genetic talent for strength and endurance sports. While some build muscle quickly, others lose weight quickly with comparable effort. Why this is so and when we achieve which of the two goals is in our genes. Scientific studies prove that an athlete has a higher chance of reaching the Olympic/World Cup level in the sport that is optimal for his or her genes than in a sport that is unsuitable for that genetics. Everyone knows that a protein-rich diet is essential. But which foods taste good to your muscles and motivate your cells to peak performance can only be answered by an individual analysis.

With Beyond DNA Fitness
  • you know which sports suit you best
  • achieve a natural increase in performance based on your genetic analysis
  • Achieve your personal athletic goals more easily and exceed your benchmarks
  • provide your cells with the right foods, vitamins and minerals for you
  • increase the performance of your muscle fibers
  • prevent inflammations and injuries
  • Ensure maximum oxygen supply to your cells

With Beyond DNA Fitness you increase your performance level naturally without chemical supplements.

What questions can this Beyond DNA Fitness answer?
  • What is my genetic talent in terms of strength and endurance sports?
  • What is my genetic structure of muscle fibers?
  • Where do I achieve maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max)?
  • How can I prevent inflammatory reactions and injuries?
  • What is my propensity for oxidative stress and my need for antioxidants?
  • Which nutrition program fits my genetics?
  • Out of over 1,000 foods, which one tastes good to my muscles?
  • What is my individual need for vitamins and minerals?

In addition, you can order your personalized vitamins based on your DNA analysis. You will receive a composition of the exact amount of over 20 vitamins and minerals that your body needs for your athletic success.

Science instead of sports tips! Do not follow general sport and nutrition plans – sport should adapt to your genes.
Do not hesitate and order today.

Additional information


Analysis as PDF € 399,-, Analysis as Print plus € 39,-

Scope of services


Analysis based on your DNA to get the best fitness results.


Included in the price are:
  • Analysis of over 18 relevant gene variations
  • over 120 pages report (PDF or book) to optimize your fitness level tailored according to your DNA
  • individual evaluation of strength or endurance sport talent
  • determination of the genetic structure of muscle fibers
  • determination of the maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max)
  • survey of inflammatory reactions and prevention of injuries
  • Analysis of the tendency to oxidative stress and the need for antioxidants
  • Evaluation of over 1,000 foods for performance enhancement
  • Recommendation of a genetically adapted nutrition program
  • Determination of individual requirements for vitamins and minerals


Added bonus:
  • Individual discussion of your analysis (in person or via video phone call) at a preferential price (- 20%)
  • Individual vitamin-mineral combination based on your analysis at a preferential price


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