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The goal is to optimally prepare your body for the often stressful daily routine, but constantly changing nutrition trends make you doubt what is actually healthy for your body. MY Body – My DNA.

Beyond DNA Nutrition is the most comprehensive evaluation for personalized healthy nutrition. You receive an individual report which of over 1,000 foods are genetically optimal for your body. Which foods you can safely enjoy to increase your vitality and which you should avoid, for example, to protect your joints. Enjoyment of food and pleasure contribute significantly to our well-being, stimulants such as pasta and wine do not have to be taboo.

By means of a simple saliva sample, we analyze more than 1,000 foods and evaluate in a personalized way for you which foods have genetically positive effects on your health and promote your cell activity and which you should enjoy with caution.


This could be the result of your Analysis.


In addition, you can have your optimal, mineral-vitamin combination put together on the basis of your analysis and have your results explained to you in a personal conversation.

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The process is very simple. We will provide you with a starter kit that allows you to perform the saliva test from the comfort of your own home. After we receive your sample, it will be analyzed. We will find out exactly which of over 1,000 foods are suitable for you for an optimal and healthy diet. Nutrition according to your genes helps you know which foods are good for you and which should be avoided.

You can find more information about DNA evaluation and the scientific basis here.


What can you expect?

The nutrition and foods that are optimal for me and the ingredients they contain, such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements, have an enormous impact on my well-being and health. You will learn exactly how to increase your cognitive abilities and your ability to concentrate, and how to support the formation of new cells for beautiful skin and hair.

In addition, based on this analysis, you can order your personalized vitamins Beyond DNA MY VITAMINS with your personal micronutrients.

With Beyond DNA Nutrition:
  • it is easy for you to distinguish genetically healthy from unhealthy foods
  • you have the overview and can easily implement them in your stressful everyday life
  • boost your metabolism naturally and keep your blood levels in the normal range
  • you can easily change your dietary habits
  • with Beyond DNA Nutrition you can easily and conveniently take just the vitamins you need


What questions can Beyond DNA Nutrition answer?

  • What is genetically healthy for me or just a superfood trend?
  • Am I perhaps consuming foods that I assume are healthy even though they are not optimal for my body?
  • What type of diet is ideal to provide my body with the best possible nutrition?
  • Which food components should I rather avoid and which should I prefer, for example, to protect my joints and strengthen my bones?
  • How can I prevent over 20 metabolic problems through my diet?
  • How can I best keep my homocysteine, triglyceride, and cholesterol levels in the normal range through my diet?
  • Is vitamin B2 effective for me to lower homocysteine?
  • Does my body need an increased supply of iron or should I avoid foods containing iron?
  • Is my body absorbing enough calcium from food?
  • What effect do heavy metals and caffeine have on my body?

In addition, you can order your personalized vitamins based on your DNA analysis. You will receive a composition of the exact amount of over 20 vitamins and minerals that your body needs per day. In addition, you will receive a blend of hyaluronic acid and collagen to further nourish your skin and hair.

Science instead of nutritional trends! Take the easy way out and listen to what your genes are telling you.

Do not hesitate and order today.

Additional information


Analysis as PDF € 399,-, Analysis as book plus € 39,-

Scope of Services


Beyond DNA Nutrition



The price includes:

  • Evaluation of over 1,000 foods according to your genes.
  • analysis of over 50 gene variations and their influence on over 20 metabolic problems
  • over 120 pages of report (PDF or book) to tailor your diet according to your DNA
  • Evaluation of food ingredients that are healthy and unhealthy for you
  • Which foods support or weaken your heart, metabolism, detoxification, brain, joints and blood pressure
  • Determining your individual micronutrient needs for bones, skin and hair, as well as increasing your concentration and counteracting fatigue

Added bonus:

  • Individual discussion of your analysis (in person or via video phone call) at a preferential price (- 20%)
  • Individual vitamin combination based on your analysis at a preferential price

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