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Are you at increased risk for some diseases due to a gene defect?

These gene variations can affect our health, but in many cases they do not represent absolute facts of getting a disease, only an increased risk of disease. Whether the disease breaks out depends on external influences and lifestyle. For example, if a person cannot tolerate lactose due to a genetic variation, this person is perfectly healthy as long as he or she does not consume any dairy products. Complaints only arise when certain environmental influences occur, in this case lactose intake through food. It is the same with other diseases. For example, if an iron uptake regulation gene is defective, this increases the risk of iron storage disease, and a precautionary lifestyle is necessary to prevent the disease and perhaps prevent it altogether.

By examining more than 110 health-related gene variations, an assessment of individual risk for more than 35 diseases can be made. The evaluation shows what can be done preventively. For existing diseases, there are recommendations for the optimal treatment and medication of around 230 drugs. The detailed, written evaluation of the test results can be presented to the attending physician.

This comprehensive analysis already includes Beyond DNA Medication (evaluation of your drug intolerance) worth € 345,- as well as the DNA Analysis Package Premium Life , with individual evaluation regarding optimal nutrition, weight reduction, sports or metabolism, worth € 599,-.

For this analysis a stamp from a (family) doctor is required, so that you can be informed about risks and be attended to for debriefing. We are happy to provide our team of doctors here to answer any questions you may have.

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Beyond DNA Health | What is health according to genes?

Our genes are the blueprint for our bodies and control a wide variety of traits such as eye color, body size and talents. Unfortunately, our genes are not without flaws and each of us carries certain gene defects or gene variations that can negatively affect our health. Certain gene variations increase our risk of diabetes, thrombosis or cancer, determine how effectively we can remove toxins from our body, control whether we cannot tolerate certain foods such as gluten or lactose and how susceptible our teeth are to periodontal disease. Genes determine which drugs work for us and which can lead to serious side effects, and whether our immune system recognizes and rejects titanium dental implants.

Beyond DNA Health | How does it work?

Experts estimate that each person carries about 2,000 genetic defects or gene variations, which in total affect their health and body and in some cases cause disease. A variety of influences can cause changes in our genes (also called mutations). In rare cases can have positive effects, but most often disrupt the function of the gene and negatively affect our health. With Beyond DNA Health | Health according to your genes you can prevent diseases. The DNA analysis helps you find your optimal diet for your genes.

The most well-known cause of gene defects in the media is radioactivity, whereby the radioactive rays penetrate into the cells and damage our genetic code and thus, by chance, our genes. Another cause of mutations and genetic defects are certain substances, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are found, for example, on grilled food. They also enter cells and damage our genes, which can lead to colon and some other cancers. UV radiation from the sun also damages our genes, leading to diseases such as skin cancer.

Reasons for analysis

These influences can alter individual genes and disrupt their function throughout our lives, but we inherit the majority of our gene variations from our parents. Each embryo receives half of the father’s genes and half of the mother’s genes when the egg is fertilized, which together create a new human being with some of the characteristics of each parent. With these genes, unfortunately, genetic defects are also passed on, and so it happens that, for example, a polymorphism that causes heart attacks is passed from father to son and on to grandson, leading to the disease in each generation. However, whether the genetic defect is passed on is determined by chance and so some of the grandchildren may carry the genetic defect and others may not.

This extensive analysis Health according to genes includes Beyond DNA Medication (evaluation of your drug intolerance) worth € 345, – as well as The DNA Analysis Package Premium Life, with an individual evaluation of optimal nutrition, weight reduction, exercise or metabolism, worth € 599, -. Based on this evaluation, you have the opportunity to order your personalized vitamins.

Additional information


Analysis as PDF € 1.699,-, Analysis as book plus € 39,-

Scope of services


The price includes:
  • Analysis and measurement of your personal drug intolerance
  • Examination of more than 110 health-relevant gene variations
  • Assessment of the individual risk for more than 35 diseases, what can be done preventively In the case of existing diseases, recommendations for optimal treatment and medication as in the case of
    • Breast cancer (in women) or prostate cancer (in men)
    • Colon, skin or lung cancer
    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Thrombosis
    • High blood pressure
    • Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia or depression
    • Diabetes
    • Hemochromatosis
    • Osteoporosis or inflammatory joint disease
    • Celiac disease or lactose intolerance
    • Glaucoma
    • Macular degeneration
    • Periodontal disease
    • HIV
  • Evaluation of the effect of about 230 important drugs broken down into more than 2,000 drug ingredients
  • Detailed written evaluation of the test results, which you can present to your doctor
  • And additionally the package Beyond DNA Premium Life (worth € 599,-)

In addition, a gut flora status can be made or personalized vitamins can be ordered.

For this analysis, a stamp from a (family) doctor is required so that you can be informed about risks and be attended to for debriefing. We are happy to provide our team of doctors here to answer any questions you may have.

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