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Rethinking instead of dieting

E-Book: Das Phänomen der Schlanken. Rethinking instead of dieting. 


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It’s easy with the 5 Step Plan, which you go through before each meal to determine if it’s a mental craving or a physical hunger. Order your e-book today and get your download link sent to you shortly. 

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Das Phänomen der Schlanken.

Rethinking instead of dieting.

After years of research and countless interviews, the 5 Step Plan was created. It is intended to train a natural, unconstrained eating behavior. For example, how a child eats that refuses to continue eating even the most delicious piece of cake when the “gusto” is satisfied. Because this point is often unlearned unconsciously in the course of growing up and at some point stress eating, eating out of boredom ect. becomes a habit. Thus the unloved hip gold multi-plies from year to year! Just as it is possible to learn to play a musical instrument, it is also possible to train a “natural and slim” eating pattern. Quite simply with the 5 steps plan, which one goes through before each meal, in order to deter-mine whether it concerns I mental desire or physical hunger.

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